Have you dreamed of sailing the Mediterranean? Come away with us and join our sailing adventure -- The Romans called it Mare Nostrum or Our Sea.  It was the center of civilization for the Phoenicians, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and many other cultures.  Their way of life has left an indelible influence on the architecture, history and gastronomy.  The perfect destination with unbeatable scenery, authentic Med cuisine and a rich, inviting culture.

Sail away with us and discover the uniquely rich palette of colors, sights, flavors and smells that are so typical of the Med.  Explore some of the thousands of islands of the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, and the rugged coastline of the Balearic Islands of Spain.  Enjoy memorable gastronomic experiences like the Croatian Peka and mussels Bouzara or Spanish Tapas and Paellas paired with exquisite wines. 

Come sail the Med to enjoy new experiences, get to know a new and unique culture, and make the Mare Nostrum "Your Sea"!

The mediterranean is a majestic place where history is still alive.

Come sail With Us