Me and my “Harley”

Those of you who have sailed with us during 2019 know how difficult it has been for me to walk because of arthritis in my left ankle.

During our on-land excursions, I had to use a cane and often I had to pause, notwithstanding the daily ingestion of Naproxen or other pain-dulling medicine.

Finally, on October 15, I bit the bullet and had ankle fusion surgery done at Tampa General Hospital. I had no desire to have it done in Chicago and go through recovery in the cold weather. At least, in Florida, we have our big house with no stairs and I would be able to move around on a knee scooter.

Two weeks after the surgery, my left leg was put in a cast. This was the beginning of an additional eight weeks of misery with limited sleep during the nights. The ankle yearned to be free from its fiberglass prison. Fortunately, I was able to have four cast changes until, finally on December 23, the last cast was taken off.

When I look at the X-rays of my foot, I am wondering why I have not received the “Customer of the Week Award” at Ace Hardware, Section Screws, Nuts and Bolts. I have enough metal in my foot to keep the TSA busy for a while whenever I need to fly somewhere.

Bionic Ankle

I am now in a boot for the next two months or so and, after some physical therapy, I should be as good as new and be able to get back on my sailboat but, first, we have to go back to Chicago where we have our stand at the Chicago Boat, RV and Sail Show from January 8 to 12 and, hobbling around in my boot with my crutches, I will also conduct some seminars on chartering in Croatia, the Seychelles and on river house-boating in Italy. If you happen to be around, come and say “HI”.

Although our house in Florida is rented from January through March, I am hoping to splash good old Promise in February and be a live-aboard for a few weeks in warm Florida before heading to Mila’s Peru.

The “Admiral”. Mila and I wish you all the best for 2020, a new decade. May you all be healthy and prosperous!

Fair winds!

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