The basic idea of a flotilla is to make it easy for sailors and non-sailors to discover new cruising waters in a fun and affordable way while gaining additional sailing experience.

Flotillas are ideal for sailors who may already have obtained sailing certifications but who do not yet feel comfortable enough to strike out on their own. The flotilla concept helps them gain that confidence they will need for future bareboat charter adventures.

The other reason is that participants get introduced to new sailing grounds with experienced guides who can show them the best marinas, the most scenic anchorages, the best dining spots and so much more. If you try to book a trip on your own, you will miss so many of the attractions that flotilla sailing can offer. Moreover, it is a lot of fun and you will make new friends!

Each flotilla has a lead boat with the flotilla guides in charge. They know the area and where the must-see places are. The flotilla consists of several yachts crewed by participants. Most of the time we count between three and seven yachts, mono-hulls and multi-hulls, with fifteen to thirty crew members in total.

The yachts are booked with a local charter company that maintains its fleet in excellent condition. The yachts will vary from 35’ to 54’ in size. Crew members can book by the cabin or, if a couple, family or friends want to sail together, we can book individual yachts as well.

We try to mix and match crew members on the yachts according to their sailing experience, shared interests and personal chemistry.

One of the crew members will act as Captain of record for the charter yacht. To be a skipper in Europe one must have an International Certificate of Competency like the ASA Bareboat Charter Certification (ASA 104). An FCC recreational VHF radio license is also required but can be easily obtained through the FCC website.

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