Jean “John” and Mila De Keyser are your guides for the Croatia and Spain Flotillas.
Jean a native of Belgium, is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captain and Master 100T as well as a sailing instructor certified by the
American Sailing Association.
Mila, born and raised in Peru, is for all intents and purposes the Admiral of the flotilla, master organizer, first mate and the
proverbial strong woman behind her husband.
Both have been organizing sailing trips to Croatia since 2009 and Mallorca for over three years. They are familiar with all the
nice places and will make sure that you will enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.
Prior to moving back to Wheaton, Illinois, Jean and Mila used to run a sailboat charter and sailing school company in Florida.
Jean continues teaching sailing on his Etap 32s sailboat on Lake Michigan.