How about a complete change of pace?
Slow down and float at a leisurely pace down a lazy river or gaze in admiration at the spectacular sights of Venice from your chartered powerboat. Med Sailing Adventures has teamed up with Houseboat Italy to offer you these unique boating programs. Discover the beauty and the warm atmosphere of the unique Venice Lagoon. Houseboat’s fleet is based in the north Adriatic and their river yachts are ideal to discover the regions of the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Little known islands, like small hidden jewels and stunning sceneries compose a unique environment ideal for a relaxed boating vacation.

This is a perfect destination for a family or a group of friends who are not looking for hard-core boating but who want to enjoy the nature, history, culture and – of course – the unique gastronomy of northern Italy. This is an ideal solution for non-expert boaters and crews who want to experience a relaxing and safe vacation, well-suited for families, even with small children.

All the yachts can be driven without nautical permit and have been built to safely navigate the waterways and the lagoons. Some of the yachts have been specially designed to accommodate wheelchairs.

Stop at night at the colorful Burano island and have a traditional ‘aperitivo’. Wonder in disbelief while boating in front of the spectacular Venice waterfront. Visit the old Venetian vineyards on the little-known island of San Erasmo. Enjoy a meal of freshly caught fish at a typical restaurant in scenic little fishing villages. Swim and relax in the warm water of the Adriatic beaches. The possibilities are almost endless.

Let us book your perfect riverboating vacation or join us for one of our small flotillas in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy.


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